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Name:Turn Of Phrase
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Community description:writing, prompts, critiques
Turn of phrase: 1. a way of saying something 2. the ability to express yourself well

Welcome to Turn of Phrase, a prompting and assistance community for writers of all ages, genres, and types. Here you can get help if you're stuck, take inspiration from a prompt, post something and ask for advice, and generally interact with other writers in the community. We have just a few rules here that we ask you to abide by:

1. Play nice. Anyone who is caught being rude, unnecessarily harsh, intentionally cruel, or any other manner of Not Nice will be warned once. A second infraction will result in moderation and limited participation. A third offense will see the user banned from the community completely.

2. Please keep posts on topic. If it's about writing, prompting, struggles with writing, questions about words, phrases, writing, or some other thing not mentioned here related to the putting of words down with the intent to tell some kind of story in some fashion, it's on topic. If it is not, then it is not on topic. Please do not post about landcomms, other writing communities, sales opportunities, or other things that are not about writing (for the latter two, other communites and sales opportunities, we have other places for that. Please use them.)

3. If you are posting for critique, accept that people are going to pick at you work. They are going to pull out the flaws. They are going to identify the ugly parts that you don't like. That is the point of a critique. Prepare for these things, and accept the comments provided as the help they are intended to be. Do not post for critique and then get upset when someone tells you that you use too many commas, or you've improperly applied a word or phrase.

4. If you are critiquing, be nice. It is possible to be tough while still being nice. Identifying problematic punctuation, awkward phrasing, and unclear scenes can all be done without being rude or harsh. The point is to help people get better, not shred them and beat them down so they never want to write again.

5. Realize that, at the end of the day, they're words. They're just words. They hurt, they fight, they elate, they energize, and they are magical, wonderful things, but they are just words. You will win, even if it takes you years and years. Just keep trying.
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